BioTela / Coenzyme Q10 BioTela 100mg, 30 capsules, monthly course


BioTela / Coenzyme Q10 BioTela 100mg, 30 capsules, monthly course


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Manufacturer: BioTela; Release form: in capsules; Category: for the heart, for athletes, for immunity; Packing: blister; Product weight with packaging (g): 80 g; Product weight without packaging (g): 40 g; Expiration date: 24 months; Country of origin: Russia; Package contents: packaging The daily value of Coenzyme Q10, determined by Rospotrebnadzor and the Research Institute of Nutrition, is 100 mg per day. One capsule of Coenzyme Q10 BioTela contains exactly 100 mg of active ingredient, produced by the Swedish company SWEDLIGHT AB and high-quality olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet, because the assimilation of Coenzyme Q10 increases when consumed with fats. We use an economical package designed for a course 30-day intake. Coenzyme Q10 is a direct participant in energy metabolism, and it also protects cells from the inside from the so-called free radicals of active substances that provoke aggressive chemical reactions and can destroy cells and their components. According to research results, free radical damage to intracellular structures and, moreover, DNA, is one of the reasons that can provoke the development of cancer.

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