VITAMAX / Elixir of Youth, 30 caps.


VITAMAX / Elixir of Youth, 30 caps.


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Manufacturer: VITAMAX; Release form: Capsules; Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the components; Age restrictions: 4+; Packing: can; Number of capsules / tablets: 30 pcs.; Expiration date: 2 years; Country of origin: United States; Package contents: can, capsules A unique formula of the Elixir of Youth stimulates the immune system, increases mental and physical performance and adaptation to external and internal factors. Normalizes metabolic processes, cleanses the body of potentially dangerous metabolic products. Reduces the risk of diseases typical for older age groups and allows you to influence the aging process. Natural natural substances of the complex are needed to maintain the vitality of the body, increase immunity, stimulate physical and mental ability,

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