Theraflu Lar spray 30ml


Theraflu Lar spray 30ml



Active substance:
Benzoxonium chloride 0.2% lidocaine hydrochloride 0.15%.
Ethanol 96% (vol. / Vol.) 10%, 15% glycerol, 0.1 N hydrochloric acid, 0.0581% peppermint oil 0.01% menthol 0.0025% purified water to 100%.
The clear, colorless solution with a mint odor.
Product form:
Spray for topical use. 30 ml vial formulation with high density spray device and the protective cap of low density polyethylene of polyethylene. Vial complete with nozzle – spray of polypropylene and the instructions for use are placed in a pile of cardboard.
Hypersensitivity to the components within the drug or ammoniacal compounds infancy (up to 4 years), pregnancy, breast-feeding.
2 mg + 1.5 mg / ml
Infections of the mouth and throat, with pain in the throat: pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis catarrhal stomatitis, ulcerative gingivitis. As an aid – chronic tonsillitis.
Interaction with other drugs
Efficacy benzoxonium chloride decreases while receiving anion-active agents, such as toothpaste. Alcohol increases absorption benzoxonium chloride (avoid receiving liquor during therapy).
Random taking large doses of the drug, as well as other ammonium compounds may cause nausea or vomiting. If poisoning should milk drink or eat egg white, whipped in the water.
The content of lidocaine TeraFlyu® LAR significantly and it can not cause serious overdose symptoms.
pharmachologic effect
Pharmacological group:
Antiseptic + local anesthetic.
Pharmacological properties:
Benzoxonium chloride – a quaternary ammonium salt (N – benzyl – N – dodecyl – N, N – di (2 – hydroxyethyl) ammonium chloride), due to their cationic structure has membranotropic activity and has a marked antibacterial activity against gram-positive and to a lesser extent, Gram microorganisms. Also it possesses antifungal and antiviral activity against membrane viruses (including influenza virus, parainfluenza and herpes).
Lidocaine is a local anesthetic which, when inflammatory processes reduces pain in the throat when swallowing.
Benzoxonium chloride is practically not absorbed. Approximately 1% of the applied dose is found in urine, blood concentration of the substance is practically undetectable. Not revealed accumulation of substances in the body tissues.
Lidocaine absorbed orally and through the oral mucosa. It is metabolized in the “first” passing through the liver, with oral bioavailability of approximately 35%. Metabolites derived together with urine, at least 10% of the material displayed in unchanged form.
Pregnancy and breast-feeding
The impact of the drug on reproductive function and development of the fetus in the experiment were not found. Clinical experience with the drug in pregnant women is very limited, and therefore should not use the drug during pregnancy. No clinical data on the penetration of the active ingredient in breast milk. However, the drug is not recommended for use during breastfeeding.
Conditions of supply of pharmacies
Without a prescription.
side effects
The classification of the frequency of occurrence of adverse reactions: very often – 1/10 assignments (> 10%); often – more than 1/100 but less than 1/10 assignments (> 1%, 0.1% and 0.01%, but
Local reactions:
Uncommon: irritation, of a temporary character.
Allergic reactions:
Rare: allergic reactions.
It reported rare cases of urticaria, swelling of the face and throat. In applying the drug for more than two weeks may be a reversible tongue, or brown coloring of teeth.
special instructions
Spray TeraFlyu® LAR is intended for topical application.
Impact on the ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms
Does not affect.
Storage conditions
Store at a temperature not higher than 30 C.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Dosing and Administration
Locally. Holding the cartridge vertically, is sprayed in the oral cavity.
Adults: during each procedure performed on 4 spray (approximately 0.5 ml), the multiplicity – 3-6 times per day.
Children (from 4 years) – no more than 2-3 puffs during each procedure, the multiplicity – 3-6 times a day.
The duration of treatment should not exceed 5 days.
If there is no relief of symptoms within 5 days after receiving the drug, consult your doctor.
Appearance may differ from that depicted in the picture. There are contraindications. You need to read the manual or consult with a specialist

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