Pharmgroup / Children’s herbal tea “Fitojezhka” “Immune”, f / p, 1.5 g No. 20


Pharmgroup / Children’s herbal tea “Fitojezhka” “Immune”, f / p, 1.5 g No. 20


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Manufacturer: Pharmgroup; Release form: Tea drink in a box; Contraindications: Individual intolerance, consultation with a doctor; Age restrictions: + 6 months; Category: For children, For the immune system; Packing: Colored cardboard box; Product weight with packaging (g): 47 g; Minimum storage temperature: 5 ° С; Maximum storage temperature: 25 ° C; Expiration date: 2 years; Country of origin: Russia; Package contents: 20 filter bags Recommended as an effective prophylactic agent that strengthens the immune system during colds. Composition: Heart-shaped linden flowers, chamomile flowers, creeping thyme herb (thyme), May rose hips. Recommendations for use: pour 1 filter bag (1.5 g) with 1 glass of boiling water (200 ml), brew for 5-10 minutes, squeeze and remove the filter bag. Cool to room temperature before use. The resulting infusion is given fractionally during the day. Daily consumption of tea should be no more than 150-200 ml. Use the ready-made infusion within 12 hours. Children’s herbal tea is used as an additional drink for children over six months of age for 2-3 weeks, followed by a break of 2-3 weeks.

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