Natures bounty omega-3 capsules 900mg 90 pieces


Natures bounty omega-3 capsules 900mg 90 pieces



Active substance:
Fish oil, gelatin, glycerol (carrier), shellac (food glaze) (glazing agent), sodium alginate (thickener), lemon oil (flavor), mixture of natural tocopherol (antioxidant), acetylated monoglycerides (emulsifier), sorbic acid (preservative), Tween -80 (lolisorbat-80) (carrier).
Daily norm (2 capsules) comprising: omega-3 PUFAs 900 mg.
It helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood
Prevention of atherosclerosis
Mini Capsule
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are essential substances for our body, so we must get them from food every day. The source of omega-3 PUFAs is fish liver oil coldwater (salmon, tuna, mackerel). In this case it is important content of omega-3 PUFA is eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA).
Omega-3 PUFAs normalize lipid metabolism and reduce blood cholesterol levels by inhibiting synthesis of lipids in the liver. Regular intake of omega-3 prevents increased thrombus formation and increases the elasticity of vascular wall, which contributes to the prevention of atherosclerosis manifestations.
Omega-3 PUFAs are directly involved in the synthesis of prostaglandins of type 1 and 3 required for suppression of inflammatory processes in the body, including in the joints. Omega-3 are structural components of the immune cells of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, ensuring their optimal functioning.
Omega-3 is part of the retinal cells and rhodopsin enzyme responsible for perception of light. Thus, regular intake of omega-3 prevents the development of eye diseases such as retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.
The human brain, excluding water, is 60% of the fatty acids. Omega-3 help to improve memory and concentration. And according to the latest data, the Omega-3 help to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
In the production of “omega-3 900 mg” from Nature’s Bounty used purification by molecular distillation, which allows to exclude the presence of mercury, lead and dioxins in the product.
The daily intake contains 900 mg omega-3. The advantage of capsules “Omega-3 900 mg” is their small size (about 35% less than the capsules further products PUFA), which facilitates the swallowing process. Mini Capsule “Omega-3 900 mg” provide no specific fish odor and after taste when taking.
Product form:
Capsule weight 971 mg.
Idiosyncrasy components. Before applying are encouraged to consult with a physician.
It is not a drug.
900 mg
It is recommended as a dietary supplement, an additional source of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3.
Conditions of supply of pharmacies
Without recipe.
Storage conditions
And stored in a dry place inaccessible to children at a temperature from + 15C to + 30C.
Dosing and Administration
Adults: 2 capsules per day during meal time.
Appearance may differ from that depicted in the picture. There are contraindications. You need to read the manual or consult with a specialist

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