MAXLER / Collagen / MCT Oil “Maxler Keto Collagen”, 400 g


MAXLER / Collagen / MCT Oil “Maxler Keto Collagen”, 400 g


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Manufacturer: MAXLER; Release form: powder; Contraindications: dietary supplement IS NOT A DRUG, Individual intolerance to ingredients; Category: collagen; Packing: can; Product weight with packaging (g): 400 g; Number of capsules / tablets: 28 pcs.; Expiration date: 720 days; Country of origin: Germany; What’s in the box: packaging, collagen Collagen is an important building block for our body, including skin, bones, ligaments and most of the connective tissues. It literally binds the cells of our body. Moreover, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, accounting for about 30% of the proteins in the entire body. We use pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides from the German brand Solugel, which are quickly absorbed by the body and guarantee unconditional efficacy. ** Recommendations for use:

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