Maxicold ENT spray 0.2% 40ml


Maxicold ENT spray 0.2% 40ml


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Active substance:
100 ml spray contains: Hexetidine (in terms of 100% substance) – 200 mg (0.2%).
Sodium saccharine dihydrate – 40 mg citric acid monohydrate – 70 mg of sodium hydroxide (sodium hydroxide) – 19 mg of glycerol (glycerin) – 17000 mg, ethanol (rectified ethyl alcohol) – 4000 mg, lauromacrogol (macrogol lauryl ether) – 1500 mg, cineole (eucalyptol) – 20 mg, levomenthol (L-menthol) – 20 mg of peppermint leaf oil – 10 mg purified water – up to 100.0 ml.
Nearly colorless liquid with a characteristic odor of menthol, which is in an aluminum cylinder with a dosing pump equipped with a sprayer for oral application with a protective cap.
Product form:
Spray for topical application of 0.2%.
40 ml aluminum cans (internal protection) provided with metering pumps, sprayers for oral administration with protective caps.
Each cylinder together with a protective cap or spray for oral administration and instructions for use placed in a pile of cardboard.
Hypersensitivity, atrophic pharyngitis, children up to 3 years.
2 mg / ml
Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx (tonsillitis, including angina Plaut-Vincent, pharyngitis, stomatitis, aphthous ulcers of oral cavity, glossitis, periodontitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease, parodontopatii, alveolitis), bleeding gums. When ARI – as an aid in the complex therapy.
Fungal infections of the oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx (thrush).
Injury and surgery in the oral cavity, pharynx and larynx (both before and after operations), including infection prevention alveoli after tooth extraction.
As an oral hygiene means for eliminating odors (deodorizing effect).
Prevention superinfections with disintegrating tumors of the mouth and larynx.
Interaction with other drugs
Currently, information on interaction with other drugs is not available.
Hexetidine in said non-toxic dosage. Ingestion of large amounts of the drug leads to vomiting, so significant absorption is not expected.
Occasions ethanol overdose poisoning has not been described. Acute alcohol poisoning is highly unlikely, but theoretically possible if swallowed a large dose of the drug a little kid. In any case of overdose, consult your physician immediately.
Treatment is symptomatic of: receiving ehnterosorbentov (activated charcoal), gastric lavage, excessive drinking. Gastric lavage required within 2 hours after ingestion of an overdose.
pharmachologic effect
Pharmacological group:
An antiseptic for topical use for application to mucous membranes. It has antimicrobial, antifungal, analgesic, enveloping and deodorizing effect. The antimicrobial effect of the drug Maksikold® Laure due to the suppression of oxidative metabolism Bacteria reactions (Hexetidine – thiamin antagonist). The drug has a broad spectrum antibacterial and antifungal activity, particularly against gram-positive bacteria and fungi of the genus Candida, however Maksikold® ENT preparation may also have an effect in the treatment of infections caused by, for example, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Proteus. At a concentration of 100 mg / ml drug suppresses most strains of bacteria. The development was not observed stability. Maksikold® Laure has a weak anesthetic effect on the mucous membrane.
The drug has antiviral activity against influenza A viruses, respiratory syncytial virus (RS virus), herpes simplex virus type 1, affecting the respiratory tract.
After single application of a local action continues Hexetidine 10-12 hours. The drug is practically not absorbed from mucosal surfaces and has no systemic effect. After a single application of active ingredient to exhibit its mucosal traces of gum for 65 hours. The concentration of active dental plaques are stored for 10-14 hours after application.
Pregnancy and breast-feeding
Information about any adverse effects Hexetidine during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not. Before the appointment of the drug pregnant or nursing women physician should carefully weigh the benefits of treatment for the mother and the potential risk to the fetus and the child, given the lack of sufficient data on the penetration of the drug through the placenta and breast milk.
Conditions of supply of pharmacies
Available without prescription.
side effects
Allergic reactions; burning the mucous membrane of the oral cavity; Accidental ingestion – nausea; long-term use may impair the taste.
If any of these instructions side effects are compounded, or you notice other adverse reaction not mentioned in the instructions, tell your doctor.
special instructions
Children can apply the drug to the age when they do not resist foreign object (spray) in the mouth when using a spray and able to hold their breath during injection of the drug.
The spray should not be inhaled; Avoid contact with the drug in the eye. After applying the spray applicator should be rinsed with lukewarm water.
It should be borne in mind that the spray contains ethanol – 24-48 mg per daily dose.
In the absence of a common response to the drug performance of potentially hazardous activities that require attention and fast reactions (including driving) is not contraindicated.
Attention! The cylinder is under pressure. Do not burn, does not pierce or not to open, even if the container is empty.
Effect on the ability to drive mechanisms and
The drug has no negative influence on the driving of vehicles and the performance of potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions.
Storage conditions
At a temperature not exceeding 25 C. Keep out of reach of children.
Do not freeze !.
Dosing and Administration
Adults and children over 6 years: the affected areas are treated with a single breath 2 times a day.
Children 3 to 6 years: the use of the drug may, after consultation with a medical professional.
Hexetidine adheres to the mucosa and thus enables stable effect. In connection with this drug should be used after a meal.
General recommendations for the introduction.
The preparation is sprayed into the mouth or throat. With the help of a spray can treat the affected areas quickly and easily.
Proceed as follows: 1. Remove the lid from the container, sprayer set to the corresponding opening of the upper part of the cylinder. 2. For the first use must first make a few short strokes at the dispenser (to provide uniform atomization cylinder contents). 3. Enter the desired amount of drug in the oral cavity by pushing against the stop on the dispenser 3-4. During the administration should hold your breath. 4. After use sprayer remove, rinse it with running water and dried at room temperature out of reach of children. 5. Keep the sprayer should be in the package, along with the drug.
During the introduction of the balloon should be kept upright!
The course of treatment – 5-7 days.
If necessary, use a longer duration of treatment is determined by the doctor.
Appearance may differ from that depicted in the picture. There are contraindications. You need to read the manual or consult with a specialist

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