Lactobalance / Probiotic Lactobalance, capsules, 378 mg 28 pcs


Lactobalance / Probiotic Lactobalance, capsules, 378 mg 28 pcs


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Manufacturer: Lactobalance; Release form: in capsules; Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the components; Age restrictions: 18+; Category: probiotics and prebiotics, probiotics for adults, prebiotics; Volume (ml): 378 ml; Packing: blister; Product weight with packaging (g): 28 g; Number of capsules / tablets: 28 pcs.; Minimum storage temperature: 15 ° C; Maximum storage temperature: 25 ° C; Expiration date: 36 months; Country of origin: United States; Package contents: packaging, blister -, 28 capsules ** LACTOBALANCE ** ** Japanese approach to microflora ** A balanced combination of 9 strains of bifido and lactobacillus produced in Japan contributes to the restoration of intestinal microflora during the period of antibacterial therapy and normalizes bowel function in case of abdominal discomfort. These strains have a high degree of adhesion and colonization on the intestinal mucosa, which creates optimal conditions for the growth of normal microflora. Contains at least 3 billion microorganisms in 1 capsule for 1 dose.

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