Kyushu Aojiru / Aojiru from kale (Kyushu, Japan) 20 sticks 3g each


Kyushu Aojiru / Aojiru from kale (Kyushu, Japan) 20 sticks 3g each


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Manufacturer: Kyushu Aojiru; Release form: sachet, 3 g; Age restrictions: 8+; Category: Vitamin complex; Packing: Carton; Product weight with packaging (g): 100 g; Number of capsules / tablets: 20 pcs.; Expiration date: 24 months; Country of origin: Japan; Package contents: 20 sachets Kale collard, contains a wide range of vitamins, calcium, dietary fiber, iron, folic acid, spinach, B vitamins, Cabbage is even called the king of vegetables because of its high nutritional value. Kale is rich in B vitamins, valuable amino acids, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium. In terms of calcium concentration, it surpasses dairy products, so the complex will be useful in case of a lack of this substance.Due to the high content of vitamin A in kale, it helps to prevent dry eyes, night blindness and miscarriage. It is rich in vitamin K, which is essential for normal blood clotting. Regular consumption of the drink is indicated for the period of convalescence from illness, during severe fatigue and nervous overload. Normalizes health, improves immunity, removes toxins and prevents the development of diseases, including cancer.

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