Karniton Table 1d 20 pc


Karniton Table 1d 20 pc


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Composition Active ingredient: 1 tablet contains: 500 mg L-carnitine. Excipients: Aerosil, MCC, calcium stearate. Description: Action Karnitona. Burns extra fats: a feature of L-carnitine that it launches energy of formation of the mechanism of the cell is at the expense of processing fat. Karniton effective against chronic fatigue and sleepiness: wins fatigue, naturally activate your inner energy and really effectively solves the problem of fatigue. Karniton effective against male infertility: helps men increases motility of sperm concentration and sperm volume in male infertility. Karniton effective remedy against fatigue of the child: provides the energy for children. In contrast to adults, in whom 25% of the required L-carnitine is synthesized in the body, children own capabilities cover only 1%. Composition: 20 tablets weighing 1 g Contraindications Individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. It is not a drug. Indications recommended as a dietary food supplement, an additional source of L-carnitine for children 7 years and adults. Conditions of supply of pharmacies without a prescription. Storage Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature from 4 ° C to 25 ° C. Dosage and administration Take once a day during meal time. Children of 7 to 14 years-0.5 tablets under intensive exertion 1 tablet; Children older than 14 years and adults, 1 tablet with intensive exertion-1.5 tablets. Duration – 1 month. Info appearance may differ from that depicted in the picture. There are contraindications. You need to read the manual or consult with a specialist

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