Breathe lozenges 2.5g 12 pcs with honey and raspberry


Breathe lozenges 2.5g 12 pcs with honey and raspberry


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Active substance:
Sugar, glucose syrup, honey bee, purified water, raspberry dried, acidity regulator – citric acid, sodium ascorbate (vitamin C), aloe vera extract, natural flavoring raspberry, menthol, essential oil of cloves, mint essential oil, peppermint essential oil of Melissa officinalis , lemon essential oil, essential oil of cinnamon essential oil of thyme, coriander essential oil, natural dye carmine.
The content of active substances in the lozenge 1: vitamin C, not less than 20 mg, 2 mg of menthol.
Natural Dyshi® lozenges with honey, raspberries, aloe and essential oils – is a useful and at the same time simple and easy care of the throat. Pastilles Dyshi® help at unpleasant sensations in the throat, fatigue of the vocal cords, the mucous membrane irritation.
Components that are part of the lozenges, and normalize state of the throat, nose and throat, contribute to the restoration of the mucous and help to cope with discomfort in the throat and promote the removal of phlegm.
Useful properties lozenges due to the properties of components.
Honey, a natural antiseptic, soothes inflammation in the throat, improves the quality of sleep during coughing.
Raspberry has anti-dried and antimicrobial properties, improves drainage function bronchial epithelium renders restorative (restoring mucosal) effect.
Vitamin C is necessary for the functioning of the immune system is fighting free radicals, excess of which occurs during inflammation.
Essential oils (cinnamon, clove, balm, mint, lemon, thyme, coriander) -dezinfitsiruyut oral cavity and nasopharynx, throat mucosa protect against mechanical and chemical irritation, reduced dryness in the throat.
Aloe vera extract, has a moderating effect on the surface of the regenerating wounds, prevent desiccation of the tissue.
-Menthol has analgesic and local anesthetic effect, activates the oral cavity and airway reflexes, resulting in reducing bronchial spasms, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Please note that the lozenges are not Breathe drug. If you have severe symptoms (coughing, reddened throat, hoarse voice), be sure to consult a specialist and take medication prescribed to them. But to avoid such a situation, to restore the state of the throat without additional load on the body, as well as soften the throat with regular voice voltage and designed Breathe lozenges with honey and raspberry.
Product form:
Pastilles weighing 2.5 g, 2 blisters 6 troches.
Idiosyncrasy components, pregnancy and lactation, glucose metabolism, diabetes, overweight. Before use, consult a doctor.
It is not a drug.
It is recommended as a dietary food supplement, an additional source of vitamin C source menthol containing oils. To improve the functional condition of the upper airways.
Dosing and Administration
Adults: 1 pastille 1-4 times a day. Kept in the mouth until complete dissolution of lozenges.
Appearance may differ from that depicted in the picture. There are contraindications. You need to read the manual or consult with a specialist

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