Balm v.dikulya massage Cosmetic 100ml


Balm v.dikulya massage Cosmetic 100ml



Active substance:
The massage balm contains a natural oil-in-wax complex in- Vegetable oil. B Beeswax. B Lanolin. B Eutanol G. in- microcar. B Cyclomethicone. Antioxidant B Grindoks. cedar-oil. olive-oil. B Sea-buckthorn oil. linseed-oil. B- The essential oil of eucalyptus. in-extracts in-Pepper. B Sabelnik. B Daisies. B St. John’s Wort. B Chaga. in-Propolis. B Rhodiola Rosea. B Badger fat. B Bear fat. B Shilajit. in- collagen hydrolyzate. B D-panthenol. In 100 ml of balm tube. In the paper cartons 1 tube. Clinical pharmacology Is drug. Massage balm Valentine Dikulja has patented active penetrating microcapsules prolonged action which serve a protective sheath and a vehicle for therapeutic components of the cream, so that they quickly and without loss of received and retained in the inflammation longer than other creams and balms. This allows to achieve the desired concentration of active substances in the injured area and to obtain the maximum effect from exposure balm. The effectiveness of balsam due to the healing properties and synergies between its constituent components in-Bear and badger fat. Traditional folk remedies to treat arthritis and sciatica. They used both independently and as part of various ointments, grindings. Specific therapeutic properties due to animal fat accumulation in bioactive substances necessary for maintaining life of the organism during hibernation – a complex of proteins, macro- and microelements. B Shilajit. One of the most powerful bio-stimulants and activates repair processes, accelerates the recovery of bones and joints, and slows the aging process. in-Propolis. It has a pronounced biological activity. Detrimental effect on viruses, fungi, bacteria, its bacteriostatic properties comparable to those of the most powerful antibiotics, has immunostimulating activity. into- Vegetable oil (sea buckthorn, cedar, olive, linseed, golden root). Improves trophic tissues, relieves muscle spasms, stimulates the local and anti-inflammatory mechanisms. B complex medicinal plant extracts. The complex composed of the principle of synergy, it activates metabolic processes in the muscle and periarticular tissues possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, promotes the excretion of lactic acid, removal of edema and muscle spasm, enhancing blood circulation. Balsam used in osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis (in combination therapy), in functional disorders after fractures and dislocations (joint stiffness, muscle changes) to prevent increased load on the joints, during muscle tension and fatigue, at MialgiyaMialgiya (Gk. Oјbї|P ,, Oјbї bЅ№P, â € “muscle bјЂO” OіbЅіP ‰ – feel pain) â € “muscle pain. Myalgia refers to cases of myogenic pain, when the pain in the muscle occurs in the absence of any objective changes in it. The occurrence of primary MM may be due to spasm, compression, trauma, inflammation, ischemia, muscle, and can also be spontaneous, occur myositis, bruises, sprains of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
B- Individual intolerance of components. Dosage and administration-way rub vigorously for 7-15 minutes 2 times a day to the affected joint or back or use a professional massage. After massaging for 1 chasa desirable to provide warmth and comfort. The recommended course of not less than 10 days. -Measures precautions In case of allergic reactions discontinue use and consult a doctor. -Condition storage into- Store at a temperature from +5 to + 25V ° C. B Shelf life 2 years. B Keep out of the reach of children. B Do not use after the expiration date.
Appearance may differ from that depicted in the picture. There are contraindications. You need to read the manual or consult with a specialist

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