Baikal legend / Bio Dihydroquercetin, 13 g


Baikal legend / Bio Dihydroquercetin, 13 g


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Manufacturer: Baikal Legend; Release form: powder; Category: for blood vessels, for immunity, for cleansing the body; Packing: cardboard box, glass bottle; Product weight with packaging (g): 200 g; Product weight without packaging (g): 13 g; Expiration date: 36 months; Country of origin: Russia; Package contents: measuring spoon ** General properties. ** Increases the body’s immune defenses. Provides anti-tumor protection. Cleans the body of toxins, toxins and free radicals (indicated when using a large amount of drugs, alcohol poisoning, food poisoning). Eliminates swelling and normalizes blood viscosity. Restores fragile vessel walls. Reduces blood cholesterol levels. Used to prevent strokes and heart attacks. Stimulates the processes of restoration of damaged tissues after injuries and serious illnesses. Increases the body’s resistance to stress, infectious diseases and adverse environmental factors. Slows down the aging process of the body at the cellular level. Improves the condition of the skin (improves skin tone, fights wrinkles and acne). ** Method of application ** – indicated in the last photo. ** Shelf life ** – 3 years. ### ** Contraindications ** – individual intolerance, pregnancy, breastfeeding.

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