Armaviskon plus means for intra-articular administration of 1.5% 2ml 1 pc


Armaviskon plus means for intra-articular administration of 1.5% 2ml 1 pc



Active substance:
sodium hyaluronate – 13,5-16,5 mg / ml (1.5%), sodium chloride – 8.50 mg / ml
Sodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate – 0.22 mg / ml, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate – 0.044 mg / ml
Water for injection – up to 1 ml
It is a colorless viscous solution.
Product form:
2 ml, 1 syringe in a package of foil film or contoured blister
– increased sensitivity means components;
– the presence of infection or damage to the skin at the injection site;
– acute synovitis;
– Children up to age 18 years (due to lack of clinical data).
15 mg / ml
– to increase joint mobility and relieve pain caused by degenerative-dystrophic or post-traumatic changes in the joints;
– Rehabilitation after arthroscopy;
– for the treatment of patients with increased exercise and regular of loading the affected joint.
Interaction with other drugs
Armaviskon Plus should not be administered concomitantly with other intra-articular injection, due to the lack of significant experience.
Do not apply disinfectants comprising quaternary ammonium compounds, since hyaluronic acid is deposited in the presence of these substances.
pharmachologic effect
Pharmacological properties:
Scope – orthopedics, rheumatology, traumatology, surgery, sports medicine.
Means Armaviskon Plus is a protector of the synovial joint fluid.
It applied against the background of degenerative changes of the cartilage surface of synovial joints to improve mobility, reduce pain, reduce inflammation and reduction reactions in cartilage homeostasis.
Properties and efficacy
Means has analgesic, corrective action on the metabolism of bone and cartilage.
Armaviskon Plus is a sterile viscous solution of the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) of high purity,
high molecular weight. Hyaluronic acid – an essential component of the extracellular matrix present in high concentrations in the composition of the cartilage and synovial fluid. Hyaluronic acid provides viscosity and elasticity of the synovial fluid, and it is required for cartilage formation. When osteoarthritis marked deficit and qualitative changes of hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid and cartilage. Intraarticular administration of hyaluronic acid results in an improved functional status of the joint. When using tools Armaviskon Plus in osteoarthritis of the knee is marked improvement in the clinical course of osteoarthritis of up to six months from the date of application,
there is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect due to volume expansion and restoration of the viscosity and elasticity of synovial fluid, which fills the joint cavity and performs the role of intra-articular lubrication. It prevents friction joint surfaces, thereby eliminating pain and inflammation. And also protects against premature wear and destruction of hyaline cartilage provides mobility has cushioning ability (damps external shocks, protecting the joint components from damage).
Sodium hyaluronate solution is distributed locally in the joint cavity where it undergoes a local transformation, providing a lubricating effect.
Removing or replacing means is inapplicable, since it can not be separated is mixed with the synovial fluid.
Pregnancy and breast-feeding
Not recommended remedy for pregnancy and breastfeeding due to lack of clinical data. Assigning agents during pregnancy and during breast-feeding at the discretion of an orthopedic surgeon.
side effects
May experience moderate pain, swelling, fever and redness at the site of injection, an increase in the content of fluid in the joint cavity.
The above symptoms are transient and usually disappear after 24 hours.
If you have any of these symptoms it is recommended to unload the affected joint and apply ice.
allergic reactions may occur very rarely.
special instructions
Sodium hyaluronate obtainable by fermentation of Streptococcus equi bacteria and thoroughly cleaned. However, the physician should consider the potential risks associated with the injection of any biological material.
Ekstraartikulyarnoe introduction Armaviskona Plus into the joint capsule or synovial tissue is not allowed. This may cause local side effects. Unacceptable ingress means into the blood vessels.
During the first 2 days after the procedure is recommended to avoid overloading the joints, especially should avoid prolonged load.
Armaviskon Plus does not affect a person’s ability to drive vehicles, to engage in other potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions.
Patients with inflammatory diseases, in particular, Ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis, Armaviskon Plus is not appointed.
Not intended for children.
For single use only.
The kit may include two disposable sterile intravenous needle to be able to select the size of the needle the doctor depending on joint, which means will be administered.
For safe use and liquidation of used needles, observe national and regional rules and regulations.
Storage conditions
Store at + 2 ° C to + 25 ° C.
Do not freeze.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Dosing and Administration
Intra-articularly. The contents of one knee-filled syringe – 2 ml (30 mg) to be administered one time per week course of three injections of the standard procedure described below. Typically, for a knee joint using a needle 1.5 inches 21G,
for other joints it is recommended to use proper size needle (from 17G to
22G), depending on the joint.
Methods of administration
The tool should be administered only by medical personnel who have undergone special training. Mode of administration and other hip. joints individually determined by a physician taking into account the severity traumatic or degenerative changes in the joint. It is recommended to perform the injection in the hip, and others. Joints under ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance. Medium before use is recommended to heat to room temperature. Input means should accurately into the joint cavity by standard procedures, taking into account the anatomical features. Before the introduction of the means to be removed from the effusion of the joint capsule. To remove exudate and introduction of means can be used the same needle, a single injection before aspiration. At the same syringe with an agent joins freed from the needle of the syringe. To confirm the finding of the needle into the joint cavity to be usable amount aspirate synovial fluid prior to slow introduction. It is necessary to observe the rules of asepsis and antisepsis during the procedure. means the introduction into the joint cavity should be discontinued if any pain during injection. With the introduction of the needle, particularly for injection into the hip joint it is recommended to use the local anesthesia. Avoid entry of air into the syringe.
Unused until the end of the means can not be stored.
The duration of the therapeutic effect – up to 6 months. If necessary, perhaps for the re-injection after consulting your doctor.
Precautions for the use of
Do not use tool Armaviskon Plus with damaged or open box.
Appearance may differ from that depicted in the picture. There are contraindications. You need to read the manual or consult with a specialist

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