Anuran stone Gel for the feet activates 30g


Anuran stone Gel for the feet activates 30g



Active substance:
Propylene glycol, glycerol, glucosamine sulfate, troxerutin, water, oil, camelina seed, Natrasol HHR 250 CHISTYAKOV extract liposentol, horse chestnut extract, ruscus aculeatus extract, grape leaf extract, knotweed extract, perfume, colorant green.
Gel “anuran stone” for the feet – a unique tool, which contains troxerutin and glucosamine. With these elements, you can restore blood flow in the muscles and tissues, win varices, take the weight off their feet and hands during intense exercise and high physical activity.
“Anuran stone” – gel with glucosamine, which should be applied to heavy legs, stretching, poor circulation, bruises and contusions, edema and hematomas, strong tension leg or, alternatively, after a long period of immobility.
Foot Gel “anuran stone” has a positive feedback from the athletes, people who are recovering from injuries, doctors and those who used as a prophylactic agent.
Product form:
30 ml tube
Idiosyncrasy components. It is not a drug.
The gel effectively removes the feeling of fatigue and stagnation, stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, improves immunity, relieves discomfort in your legs with prolonged restriction active movements.
Conditions of supply of pharmacies
Without recipe.
Dosing and Administration
Toadish kamen® gel applied to the skin painful area lightly and gently massaged until completely absorbed.
Appearance may differ from that depicted in the picture. There are contraindications. You need to read the manual or consult with a specialist

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anuran stone

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