Alphabet / Alphabet Classic 60 tablets


Alphabet / Alphabet Classic 60 tablets


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Manufacturer: Alphabet; Contraindications: Individual intolerance, pregnancy; Category: Vitamin and mineral complex, Supplements vitamins; Packing: Cellular contour packing; Product weight with packaging (g): 54 g; Number of capsules / tablets: 60 pcs.; Maximum storage temperature: 25 ° C; Expiration date: 3 years; Country of origin: Russia; Package contents: 60 tablets Alphabet Classic is the world’s first vitamin and mineral complex, created taking into account scientific recommendations for the separate and joint intake of nutrients. The alphabet doesn’t just contain all the essential vitamins and minerals. Each tablet contains only the combination components. This ensures their most complete assimilation and hypoallergenicity of the complex as a whole. Each of the three tablets of the Alphabet Classic is an independent balanced vitamin and mineral preparation,

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